Creative Spirit Award with Cristina Martin MPP

Creative Spirit Award with Ellen Anderson Founding Director of Creative Spirit Art Centre & Cristina Martin MPP for Davenport

Creative Spirit Art Centre (CSAC) is proud to present Amee Le, with a Creative Spirit Award on the United Nations Day for Disabled Persons, December 3, 2015. CSAC recognizes Amee’s work to create a new program to help persons with head injuries and their disabilities, access art as a means of recovery in the rehabilitation process.

Gilles Arseneault, Artist & Amee Le, Occupational Therapist

The art by CSAC artist, Gilles Arseneault is a token of our gratitude to you, for creating art programming for persons with head injuries. We look forward to a continuing relationship with you in order to help make Ontario a better place for people living with disabilities.

On behalf of the artists at Creative Spirit Art Centre,

Ellen Anderson,
Founding Director