Published! Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) Magazine

This story was written by one of my clients. It was chosen for publication by the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA Review) Magazine.

“I am sitting with a few people in the Orchard Library on Thursday afternoon. The room is half the size of a basketball court covered with grey carpet. There is a central island formed by four rectangular tables. Close to the entrance, several juice bottles and two baskets of energy bars are waiting on the welcome table. The room looks quite empty with five big windows overlooking the busy Yonge-and-Eglinton intersection. We all look “normal” or at least most of us do not look like we have a disability. One person is in a wheelchair, and another has a twisted hand….” Click here (OBIA-Review-24-3-online-with-links) for the rest of the story.

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Mindful Art & Concussion/Traumatic brain injury

Mindful Art & Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Prints from my clients.

1) A young aspiring writer/editor who cannot read or write after her concussion due to persistent severe headaches. She made the purple and pink prints.

2) A young student aspiring to start her graduate studies. Her severe TBI limits her abilities to read, study, memorize due to headaches, nerve pain and fatigue. She made the green print.

My clients are learning how to control the symptoms through Mindful Biofeedback and improve mood through Mindful Art. Both clients are re-discovering that despite their severe symptoms, they can create beautiful prints and this helps them to cope with severe depression and anxiety associated with the concussion/TBI.

Mindful Art & Concussion/TBI

Brain Injury Survivors Video

Check out this video made by the drama club at Community Head Injury Resources Services of Toronto. It is a dedication to the one’s will to survive, live and thrive.