Mindful Occupational Therapy Services

I am a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist (OT) practicing in the city of Toronto. I will be sharing stories and lessons from some of the clients who have come into my life and have deeply shaped my clinical practice.

What we have lost, what we can learn and the road ahead

Anniversaries, birthdays and milestone markers can bring fourth positive emotions like joy and happiness but can also call for sadness, grief and avoidance. For people with an acquired brain injury the anniversary date of their accident is a day that is clearly remembered. Loss after a brain injury include memory impairments, planning problems , regulating emotions and although […]


Dappled Empire

The name of this print is Charity. I asked RB “So why charity?” He answered ‘I’ve always thought of flowers as charitable, as a charitable thing to do.’ “As an act of giving?” I said And he agreed. Print and poetry were created by RB. Photograph by Elisheva, rehabilitation student. Graphic design and layout by Amee Le.



A series by Neil. All photographs were taken by Fiona. The narrative was written by Neil with the help of Carrie M. who recommended Neil for the group and provides weekly encouragement and support, to help Neil through his week. This print shows the connection between family and life. The four corners represent each member of my family (me, mom, dad […]


Spring Flowers

After a long and dark winter, spring has arrived in Toronto. The flowers have arrived and we are blooming with inspiration from our new group of participants. All photographs below were artfully arranged by Fiona, our new mentor for the group. I officially would like to welcome all new participants to the group and look forward to […]