Why Meditate?

“Meditation makes you happy and positive.”

Why practice meditation?

If you are aware of your thoughts you are beginning to become aware of your mind. When you being to watch your thoughts you can see when your mind is calm and peaceful or when your mind is unsettled, irritated or out of control with negativity. This awareness can help you to distinguish that your thoughts come and go and have great effects in your actions and others around you. You begin to see that certain thoughts cause a great deal of distress and bring a lot of unhappy feelings while other thoughts bring a feeling peace and happiness to your mind. Through this awareness, you can begin to develop the wish for a peaceful and happy mind all the time and this wish can be accomplished through engaging in meditation and watching your mind.

How does this apply to the workshop?

Being mindful of ourselves, each other, our community and life is an important theme in this workshop. Often after a person experiences a moderate to severe acquired brain injury, they come close to death. After waking up from the loss of consciousness or the lengthy coma there is a long period of adjustment. Compassion is needed to mourn the loss of the former self and to accept the current person who is living today. When participants can say in the group that they are grateful for their life, then they’ve come to a sense of acceptance.

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