Workshop Outline

Each week, participants will start the session with a mindful seed lesson. These  lessons are derived from the mindfulness principles of acceptance, compassion, kindness and gratitude, and aim to bring light on negative self talk, feelings of unworthiness, and the need to control outcomes. The lesson is followed by deep breathing, inspirational exercise and a short meditation.

When participants are feeling grounded and together, the art instructions are given followed by sketching, preparation of the design, carving and stamping. Participants are encouraged to keep a weekly art journal with thoughts, emotions and inspiration for each week. At the end of each class, participants will gather for a short closing exercise consisting of deep breathing and sending gratitude to: ourselves, each other, our community and life.

Summary of each class:

  1. Journaling
  2. Deep Breathing & Visualization Meditation
  3. Mindfulness Lesson & Contemplation Meditation & Dedication
  4. Art Instructions
  5. Giving and Receiving Seated Yoga Exercise
  6. Journaling & Sketching
  7. Art Exercise
  8. Gratitude Exercise


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