Spring 2017 Workshop @ the BIAYR

We started our spring workshop last week. Often, survivors with a traumatic brain injuries have a sudden and abrupt change to their life. One moment they are on one path and suddenly the next moment, their life is flipped upside down. Group gathering allows survivors to come together to connect and share their experiences. This helps people to feel less alone and isolated. It also helps people to gain insights into their struggles and difficulties and come out with new perspectives and tools to cope with the difficult moments.

Dr. Joseph DeSouza, a neuroscientist at York University came to the workshop to gain insights about how to use meditation and art in a group setting. His research on the Neural Mechanisms behind Dance Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease hopes to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s. The outcomes from this dance therapy aspire to give people with Parkinson’s hope as participants gather on a weekly basis to dance, move, connect and share. Here is what Joe had to say about Mindful Art Workshop.

“Amee – thanks for sharing the picture – AND SHARING YOUR COMBINED PASSIONS.  I loved it and so did everyone else.
Dr. Joseph DeSouza  — www.joeLAB.com, Neuroscientist at York University”
Circuit by Joe
Circuit by Joe
After the workshop, a participant wrote to me and shared the following kind words:

“Dear Amee,

It was a very well-led, blessed and blissful Mindful Arts session on this morning of the 7th of April, 2017.
I had the tremendous opportunity of meeting new people and accommodate newer insights about my life.
I have some remaining challenges with my sleep, motivation and thinking processes. This workshop made me feel revived and revitalized.”
Mindful Art Workshop @ the BIAYR
Next Workshop in June. Register today!

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