Night Flower in The Wind

Ken participated in Mindful Art Workshop – Autumn 2014. He was referred to the group by his Community Facilitator – Greg Vayenas.

During this session he came into the group and said to me “I don’t want to do art today, can I just meditate?” as he was feeling particularly negative about his abilities.

I said to him “you don’t have to do something you don’t want to do” and that we always start the group with meditation. Let’s see how you feel after the meditation and “you should give yourself a chance and see what happens.” We proceeded with our meditation and discussion.

The group discussion was on black and white thoughts. Discussion was based around the concept that white thoughts are positive and allow for a more realistic perspective that promotes positive actions, while black thoughts can be negative and can impede an accurate perspective of situations lead to more negative actions.

During the art activity Ken decided to try to carve. He was careful when printing his flower onto the dark paper to avoid finger prints and created his finest print to date. Ken also wrote a poem during this group called – Night Flower in the Wind. This experience was surprising for Ken as he started out being negative and with encouragement he was able to transform a negative mind into a creative mind. If you know Ken then you may be surprised to see his art and poetry as you would not normally associate Ken with art and poetry.

I absolutely love this print and his poem. Every time I read the words, I smile. The image and words really captured the black and white theme and the contrast between delicate beauty and harshness of this world.

Actions of change” shows us that things are not permanent, including our negative thoughts and feelings. Just like anything else negative thoughts come and go and if we watch them long enough, they simply dissolve back into our mind. When we create the space to watch our thoughts, we are also creating a space for more virtuous thoughts to arise and beauty to emerge. At the end of the group Ken said:


“I’m thankful to my creator for life and health and everyone’s creator, and I’m thankful for the food that we received in the mentor’s luncheon downstairs earlier, and the service of the staff. I thank Greg for driving me here because it wasn’t that much effort to come, just got a ride from Greg because he met me this morning and he spoke to me. I’m thankful for the encouragement for doing some art because I was kind of negative about doing art at first but then with encouragement I was persuaded to do some art and for all the viewpoints of people, listening to them.”

Ken’s quote in included in the audio file below. This unedited version gives you a glimpse into the group. At the end of the group we complete a gratitude exercise where all members are invited to speak and share their experiences. It is a wonderful way for everyone to reflect on the themes of the group and share a something meaningful with each other. This is a great exercise to practice speaking from the heart and also listening with an open mind.

Night flower in the wind by Ken
Night flower in the wind by Ken

It is amazing how much we can grow with the right amount of support, encouragement and care. Just like flowers, we need the right conditions (soil, water, sunshine – a wish, effort, encouragement) to develop good qualities and shine. When someone else can see the good qualities inside you and help to water and nourish these qualities – it is amazing what can be achieved.

Print and poetry were created by Ken. Photograph by Joshua Armstrong, rehabilitation student. Graphic design and layout by Amee Le & Joshua Armstrong.

3 thoughts on “Night Flower in The Wind

  1. It has been a pleasure to watch Ken grow and fight through his shell and allow himself to open up to new ideas and embrace it fully. GREAT WORK KEN! you should be proud.

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