Halloweeen Wishes & Release

This week, our group celebrated Halloween with ginger cookies, apple cider! We read a story by Louise Mathewson about: New Year resolution versus Making a Wish. We contemplated these ideas and were reminded that when making a wish and inviting something new into our lives, we must also release something old, stale and way past its expiration date – to make room for the freshness of new growth. It is Halloween so we are reminded that there is a place for death and welcome new life.

Here are the wishes from our group:

I wish for a peace of mind and I let go of worry.”

I wish for a healthy heart and let go of stress.”

I wish to bring positive energy and release negative energy.”

Hats off to less stress and I wish for a peaceful move.”

I wish for happiness and fulfillment and release aggression.”

I wish to take second chances to be wiser and more caring towards someone I care about and I release judgment of my physical abilities.”

I wish for the courage to live from my heart and be guided by my intuition and inner voice and I release shame about myself, where I am at in life and societal expectations about my life’s journey.”








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